Business automation software

Unleash the full potential of your business with our AI-powered automation software products. Designed to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and boost productivity, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of your business. Discover the power of intelligent automation and take the lead in a competitive marketplace.

Our core values

Innovation Powered by AI Technology

Stay ahead with our AI-powered software and automation solutions. At ABT Solutions, we're committed to innovation, constantly incorporating the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to offer unparalleled productivity software. Our dedication to excellence ensures your business benefits from the most sophisticated AI automation solutions, designed to propel your operations into the future

Customization and Client-Centric Solutions

Your business is unique, and our solutions reflect that. Experience bespoke software development services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our approach to custom business solutions focuses on understanding your challenges and delivering software that streamlines operations, ensuring a perfect fit for your business objectives.

Operational Excellence and Streamlining

Optimize your operations with our products. We specializes in transforming business processes to enhance efficiency and decision-making. Our productivity prodyucts are engineered to streamline your operations, reducing costs and boosting overall performance. Let our custom software solutions drive your business to operational excellence.

Partnership and Growth

Grow with a partner you can trust. We are more than a service provider; we're your partner in innovation and growth. Our commitment to building long-term relationships means we're dedicated to supporting your business with AI-powered automation software and bespoke development services that keep you competitive. Discover the power of partnership and take your business to new heights.


Trained AI for Business

Sleekassist is a highly customizable interface to configure and train AI Models for businesses, streamlining and automating content creation, team collaboration and customer support processes.
  • Customizable AI - Build customized AI assistants with mutiple AI models, services, templates, features, and keep conversation content organized per assistant, topics, tags and collections.
  • Multiple AI Models & Services - Access 12+ services from popular and custom AI models, including text creation with your brand voice, chat with AI assistants trained with your data, paraphrasing, translation, summarization, ad and product images creation and cleaning, audio transcription, text-to-speech, AI modelstraining with content from your websites & files, customer support widgets and automation tasks.
  • Chat-like Workspace - Effortlessly collaborate with AI assistants, just like chatting with your team members on a messenger platform. Create unlimited personalized assistants and organize them neatly in a chat list for quick task assignment.
  • Teamwork - Empower your team by sharing personalized AI assistants for brainstorming, onboarding new members, and assisting teammates. Elevate your team's workflow to new heights.

Convert more leads faster

Boost your sales and drive repeat purchases with instant mobile notifications, effortless quick responses, interest tracking, streamlined follow-ups, and omnichannel messaging across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Email, and SMS.
  • Leads management - Centralize lead capture with ease. Simplify your lead management by capturing leads from various sources in a single, user-friendly inbox. Receive instant notifications on your mobile or laptop, enabling you to respond to new prospects within seconds. Our platform seamlessly retrieves leads from sources such as Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, WhatsApp, website forms, email, and more.
  • Communication - Engage with your prospects and customers on their preferred channels - Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and beyond. Simplify your sales team workflow by consolidating all multi-channel conversations into a single screen. This enables seamless communication and streamlines your interactions with prospects and customers across various channels.
  • Tracking - Craft compelling content for maximum conversions and effortlessly share trackable links to your pages and products catalogue. Our platform allows you to generate trackable links, enabling you to monitor customer visits and track the time spent on each link you send. Gain valuable insights into customer engagement and optimize your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Automation - Respond to new leads with quick responses in a few clicks. Save your team's time by eliminating the need to answer repetitive questions. Provide instant responses to customers using chatbots. Create custom chatbots tailored to your products, services, or any specific knowledge area within your company. Streamline your customer interactions and enhance efficiency by leveraging the power of automated chatbot technology.

Built for messaging based online sales

Billions of people communicate via instant messaging apps every day. Take advantage of messaging based sales and discover a whole new way of building valuable relationships with your new leads and existing customers. Flexchats is made for sales & marketing professionals who generate leads online and need an easy way to access, contact and convert leads from their mobile or laptop.
  • Streamline team communication - Combine all your messaging channels in one business messaging platform. Work together efficiently across teams through chat assignments, threads, tags and internal notes.
  • Integrations & leads aggregation - Collect leads from all of your sources in an unified place. Integrate with all popular messaging platforms for an unified two way conversation. Let your customers use the app they are comfortable with like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, SMS, Viber, Telegram and let your team respond to all messages in per customer unified conversation rooms.
  • Tracking - Track visits and time spent on every link you send to new leads or existing customers. Easely send pages, products, services, your website or any other links in messages to contacts from your device or team conversations hub.
  • AI powered communication automation - Convert and qualify leads on autopilot. Use chatbots to answer leads and customer service queries quickly in the messenger your prospects and customers use. Start easy and fast with chatbot templates for common use cases. Build your custom chatbots with no-code drag & drop builder.

Business automation platform

Build your business app in minutes with no coding skills using our flexible nocode database, reporting & workflow automation, collaboration & communication tools, powered with AI technologies, app templates & integrations. Backoffice, web/mobile apps and client portals
  • Customized no-code databases - use ready made templates and make your own custom databases with unlimited tables and feature rich fields
  • Customized workspaces & dashboards - prepare workspaces for your team groups, customer portals with deep permissions management.
  • Integration & automation workflows - use templates or make your own integrations and automation workflows to automate communication and data processing.
  • AI assistants & chatbots - skyrock conversions, customer carea and team cooperation using new generation of AI powered automated chatbots.
  • Widgets, web & mobile apps - use no-code builders to make apps integrated in messengers, embeded in your websites, landing pages, mobile apps


We earn our clients' trust through clear guidance, structured development, and high-functioning solutions from start to finish.

Software Products Customization
Designed for flexibility, our cloud-based solutions cater to a broad spectrum of business needs. For those requiring a tailored approach, our customization services ensure our ready-made software aligns seamlessly with your unique business requirements.
Web Apps Development
Craft the future of online interaction through our web application development services. Our web applications, enhanced with AI technology, provide smooth functionality and a superior user experience.
Mobile Apps Development
Stay connected with your audience anywhere, anytime, with our mobile app development services. Leveraging AI technology, we deliver intuitive, high-performance mobile applications tailored to meet your business and user needs.
Dedicated Team
Extend your capabilities with our dedicated team service. Offering expertise in AI-powered software and automation, our professionals seamlessly integrate with your operations, driving your projects to success with agility and precision.
Testing & QA
Ensure the highest quality for your software with our comprehensive Testing & QA services. Our meticulous approach leverages latest tools for testing efficiency, guaranteeing your software's reliability, performance, and user satisfaction.
AI Integration and Optimization
Elevate your existing systems with our AI integration and optimization services. We enhance your software with intelligent automation and analytics capabilities, optimizing performance and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth.
UX/UI Design
Craft compelling user experiences with our UX/UI design services for AI applications. Our design team specializes in creating intuitive, engaging interfaces that make complex AI functionalities accessible and enjoyable for users, enhancing satisfaction and adoption rates.
Legacy System Modernization
Future-proof your business with our Legacy System Modernization services. We leverage AI and modern software development practices to update and transform your existing systems, reducing maintenance costs, improving performance, and ensuring scalability for future growth.

About us

Founded in 2004, ABT Solutions Limited has established itself as a pioneer in the realm of business automation solutions. With nearly two decades of innovation and excellence, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering businesses across various sectors to unlock their full potential through cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to deliver bespoke, software products that not only streamline operations but also enhance productivity and decision-making.

From the outset, ABT Solutions has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible with sofwtare slutions. Our commitment to innovation, client-centric solutions, operational excellence, and partnership has guided us through years of transformative growth and success.

As a company registered in 2004, we pride ourselves on a rich history of technological advancements and a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape. Our team of experts leverages this wealth of experience to design and implement solutions that are not just state-of-the-art but also tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each client.

At ABT Solutions, we believe in growing alongside our clients. Our approach to business is not just about providing services but about forging lasting partnerships that facilitate mutual growth and success. We're dedicated to being your trusted advisor and partner in navigating the complexities of today's digital world, ensuring that together, we can achieve unparalleled results and set new standards of excellence in the industry.


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